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Bernanke vs Geithner, which version do you like better?

I was reading about the state of the economy yesterday, and came across two conflicting news articles.

The first article I read had Ben Bernanke (Fed Reserve Chairman) saying that things are not all well yet – “including the high rate of unemployment…” and then in another article Timothy Geithner (US Secretary of Treasury) says that the economy “is showing signs that companies are starting to hire more workers as the recovery strengthens.”

I should note that Bernie’s article was posted at 11:15am EST and Timmy’s at 5:01pm EST…maybe in the span of 6 or so hours, the economy starting showing positive signs?

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The sky is falling, globally…

The current state of the world economy is succinctly defined in NYU professor, Nouriel Roubini’s statement: “…[A] ‘trillion’ has become the new normal.”

Let’s just hope that the people we elected into power, can steer the boat out of further storms that are stirring up ahead. Or at the very least, sail through without too much damage.

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