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If they pick em (online ads), they will watch (so they hope).

Next month (September), in an attempt to make online ads less irritating, sites like like: MSNBC, Yahoo & Hulu, will let the consumer choose the ads they want to view.

The new ad-selecting tool is called ASq and may step up development of the $3.1 billion global video ads market, already online advertising’s fastest-growing segment. While it may not end unwelcome commercials for car insurance or weight-loss pills, it may help websites command higher rates while letting marketers attract more eyeballs and improve consumer targeting.

I’m anticipating a bunch of “superbowl” worthy online video ads…bring on the creative.


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FREE wifi at Starbucks starts TODAY!

Don’t forget!  Starting today – July 1st – Starbucks is offering their wi-fi services…for FREE!

Starbucks is partnering up with Yahoo! (amongst other companies) to ‘help enrich your [yes, YOU!] coffeehouse experience’.

What are Starbucks, Yahoo! (and other partnering companies) getting out of this?

On Wednesday, Yahoo! announced that over the next 3 years, they will repurchase $3B of their stock (in an effort to raise the value, by limiting the amount of shares in the market).    Starbucks’ stock (SUBX) isn’t doing too hot either.

Does brand loyalty necessarily = higher stock prices?  I wonder if free wi-fi is the answer…? I guess time will tell.

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