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Looks like you CAN wash animals with Dawn dish soap

I stand corrected…

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Cleaning cute animals covered in oil, Hollywood-style

This has been on my mind ever since the Dawn dish soap commercial (see below) has begun to re-air.  I get it, cute animals are being affected by oil spills, and we need to save them.  But, if you’ll notice, on the bottom of the screen, it says “simulated demonstration”.  I mean obviously they didn’t helicopter-in animals who were affected by an oil spill, to a sound stage that was pre-set with dawn liquid soap bottles and tubs of water, with people dressed in smock-like attire and gloves standing-by.  Oh sorry, didn’t mean to burst your bubble.

So, my point is this.  Procter & Gamble had this great story line in mind (and yes, it really makes its point) – oil spills are bad for the environment, just look at these animals – but they took these perfectly clean animals and covered them in some black liquidy substance, for the sake of the commercial?! How is that right?  And they’re cleaning them with dish soap?


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No press is bad…even for BP

On May 19th, an anonymous person decided to create a mock-BP twitter account, calling it @BPGlobalPR.  As of a moment ago, (yes, I just looked), this twitter handle has accumulated  33,756 followers….wait, it actually just increased to 33, 850 (Insane!?)

Basically it’s become a message board for people who want to vent about the current oil spill, in 140 characters or less.   BP doesn’t mind its existence.  The masses are loving it.  And yes, someone other than BP is profiting off of this, supposedly all the money is going to a non-profit.

In any case, you too can own a t-shirt, to mark this random occasion is social media history.

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