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Aww shucks…ketchup without high fructose corn syrup?

Yes, you heard it here folks.  Hunt’s Ketchup is doing away with its high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) ingredient, and opting for real sugar.

Did the sugar lobbyists yell louder than the corn lobbyists?   Or maybe top-level execs at ConAgra looked around at the American people and realized the consequence of HFCS.  What is this consequence you ask?  Fat people.

Well done ConAgra!  We hope you continue this ban of HFCS within your remaining 50 or so brands.


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Non-profit restaurant…a sign of the times?

Panera Bread’s former CEO is attempting to operate his experiment cafes like a museum, with its “pay what you can” service.   If you can’t pay, then in exchange for food, you may choose to volunteer to work at the cafe. Of course, you may also just choose to eat for free.  Not sure if the people who will donate will make up for those who don’t…the business model seems fuzzy to me.

It’s an ambitious, cup half full concept.  Don’t think it will last…but..we wish them luck.

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