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Banning plastic bags, everybody’s doin it

It’s only January 11th, and already 4 different locations have enacted the plastic bag ban.

Italy started off the year, banning plastic bags as of January 1st.

The government of Italy has become the first in the European Union to outlaw the use of plastic bags by all retailers, signaling a large shift in a country which uses over 20 billion bags per year (400 per person) – an amount equal to 25 percent of the total produced and used in the entire EU.

On January 5th, the great city of Brownsville (15th largest city in Texas), joined the bandwagon, and today, both Kaua’i and Maui, HI, can proudly say that they’re part of the club.

After doing a little research, it turns out that a lot of other places ban plastic bags too.

2002 – Dhaka, Bangladesh enacted the ban.

2003 – rural Alaska & South Africa joined

2005 – Eritrea & the Republic of Somalialand

2006 – Rwanda, Tanzania, & Zanzibar

2007 – Kenya & Uganda, and San Francisco, CA

2008 – China

2009 – Buenos Aires, Argentina & American Samoa

2010 – Mexico City, Mexico

Click here and here for additional locations I may have missed.

It’s interesting that the list above includes countries like Eritrea (3rd world), and China, which is the 2nd strongest GDP and has a population which accounts for 19.5% of the word’s entire population.

Something tells me that if this smorgasbord of a list can do it, so can the rest of the world.


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If the Mandarin sells out nightly, Japan may regain its 2nd place from China

For a paltry sum of $671,800 per night, you could rent out the entire Mandarin Oriental Tokyo.

Under the plan, the entire hotel — 178 guest rooms, all nine restaurants and all spas — would be reserved from 3:00 in the afternoon to noon the next day. It would include a cocktail reception for 500 people.

The hotel plans to apply for recognition from Guinness World Records, as soon as they receive a reservation.

I think you should call the hotel and do your part to help them receive their prize from Guinness.  It’s a win-win, really.  The Mandarin gets to be a World Record holder, and YOU get the entire hotel to yourself (and 499 of your closest friends).

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China takes ‘counterfeit’ to the next level

This is completely unbelievable, but true.

Companies in China are “hiring” fake American (Caucasian) employees so that their companies are perceived as worldly.  For $1K/week, all you have to do is wear a suit, attend ribbon-cutting events, and pretend like you’re an important business-person.

Where can I sign up?

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If this doesn’t make you want to quit smoking…you’re a lost case

Scientists in China have identified 9 different chemicals in cigarette butts that apparently protect steel pipes (specifically oil pipes) from rusting.

Next time you take a smoking break at work, try to imagine an offshore oil rig.  Before reading this, you probably would have thought, who cares about an oil rig?  But after reading this article, you will see the significance.

Who would’ve thunk that YOU (the smoker) and an oil rig, had so much in common?

Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, doesn’t it?

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