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Do not track me, at a click of a button

In response to the FTC’s call for regulation of tracking (by way of cookies), and in effort to cater to its users, Microsoft has announced that

IE9, set to debut sometime next year, will offer Tracking Protection Lists, a feature similar to current popup blockers, that can stop specified websites from tracking users’ online behavior through cookies or other methods.

Thank you Microsoft.  Looking forward to this feature.


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Deleting cookies are as useful as eating them

Turns out that deleting your browser cookies from your computer, doesn’t actually do anything at all. So, if your intention is to delete your virtual footprint, SURPRISE! your virtual footprint is still there.

Without further adieu, I would like to formally introduce you to flash cookies and supercookies.  Both of  these cookies are stored outside of the browser’s control, so you can’t find them to delete them, and so they remain on your computer

Do not fear, do you really think I’d end the post like this?

Click on the link below to find ways to go around flash & supercookies, and protect your info.

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