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Hollywood actors, doing their part to make more money – Part II

Looks like I’m not the only one who thinks Hollywood endorsements on Twitter isn’t cool…

The U.K.’s consumer watchdog agency is clamping down on endorsements by bloggers and social networkers, who will now be required to state any relationship they have with a product.

The move brings U.K. Twitter regulations in line with those in the U.S., where the Federal Trade Commission requires that Twitter endorsements include the words “ad” or “spon” (for “sponsored”) to flag their status.

We’ll just have to wait and see if an American watchdog agency decides to follow suit…


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Facebook….too big to fail?

Remember a site called MySpace?

It looks like it’s gearing up for a comeback.  If Facebook doesn’t acknowledge the importance of privacy settings over the bottom line (hint hint)…MySpace may have a decent chance at regaining it’s spot as a major player in social media.

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Facebook and privacy is like oil and water

For a few weeks now I’ve been ‘threatening’ to remove my profile from Facebook.  Most of my friends scoffed at the idea, not believing that I would actually go through with it.

I can proudly say that I officially deactivated my profile yesterday. Basically, Facebook has become  too ‘big brother’ for me.

Check out the IM conversation in this posting, definitely feel like I made the right move.

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