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Face, face, face, face (am I going to get in trouble now?)

You’ve probably already heard about this by now… the US Patent and Trademark Office has agreed to let Facebook trademark the word face. Specifically in these instances:

“Telecommunication services, namely, providing online chat rooms and electronic bulletin boards for transmission of messages among computer users in the field of general interest and concerning social and entertainment subject matter, none primarily featuring or relating to motoring or to cars.” 

For all those who thought I was going a little overboard when I’ve previously compared Facebook to Big Brother… who looks like the crazy one now?


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Facebook…coming soon to a brick & mortar near you…

So this isn’t breaking news per se, as it already happened, this past Sunday.  BUT, if you didn’t know about this, then…BREAKING NEWS!!

Facebook is officially making their foray into retail stores, by way of gift cards.

The new Facebook gift cards will be available in values of $15, $25 and $50 at all of Target’s 1,750 retail stores and at Two or three more national retailers will start selling the cards in coming months.

I know people who like to play those ridiculous games, ie. Oregon Trail, Mafia Wars, and Farmville,..but had no idea that

More than 200 million people play free social games on Facebook each month, according to Facebook.

Or that

(And) many of them are beginning to spend money on premium goods and services associated with those games.

More power to Facebook, for finding new creative ways to get people to spend money on ridiculous crap.  If people are willing to shell out money to play these virtual games (when they could be doing real life things…I mean, farming?? Really, when was the last time you planted a bushel of corn?? Does corn come in bushels? Clearly I’ve never played Farmville, so excuse my lack of knowledge), then why not make it seem like it’s halfway normal…by making the payment in gift card form.

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Facebook scores a D

The American Customer Satisfaction Index just came out with a study on Facebook-user satisfaction.  The American people have spoken…Facebook received a score of  64 (out of 100).

Facebook received a D, despite having a community of (officially) 500M users (equal to the entire population of the USA – roughly 300M, plus France, Italy, South Africa AND Australia). That’s a LOT of people…

“Facebook is a phenomenal success, so we were not expecting to see it score so poorly with consumers,” said Larry Freed, president and CEO of ForeSee Results. “At the same time, our research shows that privacy concerns, frequent changes to the website, and commercialization and advertising adversely affect the consumer experience. Compare that to Wikipedia, which is a non-profit that has had the same user interface for years, and it’s clear that while innovation is critical, sometimes consumers prefer evolution to revolution.”

If so many people are truly dissatisfied with the site, why do people keep joining?

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Facebook….too big to fail?

Remember a site called MySpace?

It looks like it’s gearing up for a comeback.  If Facebook doesn’t acknowledge the importance of privacy settings over the bottom line (hint hint)…MySpace may have a decent chance at regaining it’s spot as a major player in social media.

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Facebook and privacy is like oil and water

For a few weeks now I’ve been ‘threatening’ to remove my profile from Facebook.  Most of my friends scoffed at the idea, not believing that I would actually go through with it.

I can proudly say that I officially deactivated my profile yesterday. Basically, Facebook has become  too ‘big brother’ for me.

Check out the IM conversation in this posting, definitely feel like I made the right move.

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