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Looks like Google is trying to pull a Walmart

Walmart is the world’s largest retailer, as Google is the world’s largest Internet company. When Walmart decides to refuse to do business with a specific brand, it has major repercussions for that brand.  As of early this year, Google has decided that it will phase out Microsoft Windows as its operating system, and focus on Linux or Macs.  Apparently employees (any of the 10,000) who want to stay on Windows, need approval from the CIO (Chief Information Officer).  Pretty intense.

Clearly a mixture of the new Chrome platform and the hackers in China, have provoked Google to react in this way.

It’s incorrect to assume that Mac operating systems are any safer than Windows.

“…the reality is that the primary reason Macs aren’t attacked and compromised more often is that the platform with 92 percent market share promises malware developers a significantly higher return on investment than the platform with 5 percent market share.”

As of last week, Apple surpassed Microsoft in market value…Google is phasing out Windows…looks like everyone is bullying Microsoft.  Where’s the love?


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Why blame common sense, when you can sue Google?

Apparently it’s easier to blame others, rather than blame yourself.

So this woman from Los Angeles is visiting Park City, UT, and decides to utilize Google Maps on her BlackBerry to find a walking route.

We all know that Google maps isn’t always exact in their directions, and Google even points this out…so why this woman wouldn’t ask someone in Park City for tips on areas to explore..fine.  Anyway, the route led her to a rural highway, and she was apparently hit by a car.   Now I understand, being hit by a car may not be her fault, but if she started noticing that the route she was being led onto, did not seem like it was meant for people to walk…I’d ditch the technology and turn around (but that may just be me).;posts

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Computers…coming soon to a TV near you

Google, Intel and Sony are joining forces to bring us (drum roll, please) – “Smart TV”.  This new deal is going to be unveiled at Google’s annual developer conference in San Francisco this week.  Intel CEO promises, that [whatever this Smart TV is] will be as big a revolutionary change to TV as was color.

Smart TV… it’s safe to assume that Sony TVs will operate like a computer (hint: Intel) that will have a search engine device (ala Google)?  So how will a device like a Smart TV fill a need?  Are they trying to make us lazier? We can’t flip through the channels on our own?  Or..(gasp) do something that doesn’t involve sitting on a couch staring at a box?

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Google street view…more than meets the eye

I have definitely seen one of those Google street view finder cars before.  I always wondered, are they really only getting images of the street…and even more so..has anyone ever asked ME if I wanted a picture of my house available online?  Talk about violation of privacy…!  Well, turns out that the nice citizens of Germany, decided to inquire further…

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