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Wickr, the James Bond of online privacy

If you’re like me, when you get sensitive information via snail mail, that you’re finished using, you shred it.  But what about receiving sensitive information via email?  We all know that it’s impossible to delete information from the Internet.

Enter Wickr.

A new mobile application for Apple devices called Wickr lets people exchange files and messages without leaving digital traces that could be examined by law enforcement or cyberspies.

Wickr, released on Wednesday, addresses the raft of privacy concerns that arise when a person sends a sensitive message: email providers, ISPs, mobile phone companies and social networking sites all retain detailed records of activity on their networks.

(CIO – Wickr, a Mobile Privacy Application, Sweeps Digital Crumbs Away)

Wickr’s mission:

…to provide secure communications that Leave No Trace. People are being tracked online and their information is being sold in ways they do not understand by numerous governments and corporations throughout the world. Your private communications are worth money. Online communications should be untraceable by default.

(Wickr – About)

Robert Statica, an information technology professor at New Jersey Institute of Technology, who cofounded Wickr with Nico Sell, Christopher Howell and Kara Coppa, describes how the idea for the company came about:

“This began when we were sitting around in a cafe in San Francisco, talking about Anthony Weiner and laughing,” adds Statica. “But the more we spoke about it, the more we began to think seriously about this problem.” And the tool they came up with, Statica says, is meant to go beyond mere “sexting” or gossip to corporate or medical environments, any situation where the most secure record of communications is no record at all.

(Forbes – Wickr Lets Your iPhone Send Both Encrypted And Self-Destructing Messages)

Senders of a message or photo can set a self-destruct time for the data ranging from a few seconds to six days in the free version of Wickr. As soon as the recipient who has Wickr installed opens the message, the countdown begins.

“No matter what can do, you cannot stop the clock,” said Robert Statica.

…The only real way to see something sent to a Wickr user would be to steal the person’s phone. Even then, five wrong attempts at the password will cause Wickr to erase itself.

(CIO – Wickr, a Mobile Privacy Application, Sweeps Digital Crumbs Away)

I wonder how this app will affect social media, especially with the latest news that GM is apparently considering to return to Facebook advertising.  Time will tell.


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Apple iPhone 4 = FAIL?

If you’re one of the thousands who ran out to buy the latest iPhone 4, and are annoyed with the constant dropped calls…Consumer Reports has come to the rescue with a fool-proof solution.

Duct tape.

Yes, for about $5 a roll, you can solve the issue on your $199 (and 2-year AT&T contract) phone.

Here’s a thought… Maybe Apple should focus on creating that AWESOME dependable product, rather than appease its brand fanatics by churning out new products each year.

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Looks like Google is trying to pull a Walmart

Walmart is the world’s largest retailer, as Google is the world’s largest Internet company. When Walmart decides to refuse to do business with a specific brand, it has major repercussions for that brand.  As of early this year, Google has decided that it will phase out Microsoft Windows as its operating system, and focus on Linux or Macs.  Apparently employees (any of the 10,000) who want to stay on Windows, need approval from the CIO (Chief Information Officer).  Pretty intense.

Clearly a mixture of the new Chrome platform and the hackers in China, have provoked Google to react in this way.

It’s incorrect to assume that Mac operating systems are any safer than Windows.

“…the reality is that the primary reason Macs aren’t attacked and compromised more often is that the platform with 92 percent market share promises malware developers a significantly higher return on investment than the platform with 5 percent market share.”

As of last week, Apple surpassed Microsoft in market value…Google is phasing out Windows…looks like everyone is bullying Microsoft.  Where’s the love?

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If I had 50 cents for every iPad sold

…to date, I’d be a millionaire.  Literally.

Apple has sold over 2 million iPads since they were debuted 2 months ago.

While I am not an economist, I think it’s safe to assume that the economy is turning up…or maybe people have $499 lying around and don’t know what to do with it?

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Apple understands customer service, Facebook is learning

The customer is always right…right?

Anyone who has ever visited an Apple store knows that there are no cash registers, everything is electronic.  So when Diane Campbell, who saved up her money to buy an iPad, tried to buy one in cash, she was turned away.  Not letting her case go, she blabs to the media, who blow up this story way out of proportion.

But, because of Ms. Campbell, Jobs reverses Apple’s policy (within days).  Now everyone can buy an iPad with cash.  Problem solved.

While Facebook’s Zuckerberg attended an Ivy, he’s been a little slow on the uptake. He didn’t completely understand the importance of catering to his customers when they complained about privacy settings (for weeks now). Because after all, without Facebook’s members, the site has no use.  It’s safe to assume that Zuckerberg finally ‘gets it’.

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Apple prototypes playing a game of Where’s Waldo?

It’s obvious that making a sale in these times, are tough.  But it seems like Apple is playing the ‘oh my, wherever did that prototype go?’ game, one too many times.

Exactly 1 month ago, from today – April 19th, Gizmodo posted pictures of the next generation iPhone that was found (“lost”) in a German pub in California.  Today – May 19th, we learn that the next generation iPod Touch has surfaced in Vietnam, as per the site Tinhte.

Let’s play a game! Which prototype do you think will be ‘lost’ on June 19th (and where?)?

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