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Apple understands customer service, Facebook is learning

The customer is always right…right?

Anyone who has ever visited an Apple store knows that there are no cash registers, everything is electronic.  So when Diane Campbell, who saved up her money to buy an iPad, tried to buy one in cash, she was turned away.  Not letting her case go, she blabs to the media, who blow up this story way out of proportion.

But, because of Ms. Campbell, Jobs reverses Apple’s policy (within days).  Now everyone can buy an iPad with cash.  Problem solved.

While Facebook’s Zuckerberg attended an Ivy, he’s been a little slow on the uptake. He didn’t completely understand the importance of catering to his customers when they complained about privacy settings (for weeks now). Because after all, without Facebook’s members, the site has no use.  It’s safe to assume that Zuckerberg finally ‘gets it’.


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