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Why blame common sense, when you can sue Google?

Apparently it’s easier to blame others, rather than blame yourself.

So this woman from Los Angeles is visiting Park City, UT, and decides to utilize Google Maps on her BlackBerry to find a walking route.

We all know that Google maps isn’t always exact in their directions, and Google even points this out…so why this woman wouldn’t ask someone in Park City for tips on areas to explore..fine.  Anyway, the route led her to a rural highway, and she was apparently hit by a car.   Now I understand, being hit by a car may not be her fault, but if she started noticing that the route she was being led onto, did not seem like it was meant for people to walk…I’d ditch the technology and turn around (but that may just be me).;posts


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If I had 50 cents for every iPad sold

…to date, I’d be a millionaire.  Literally.

Apple has sold over 2 million iPads since they were debuted 2 months ago.

While I am not an economist, I think it’s safe to assume that the economy is turning up…or maybe people have $499 lying around and don’t know what to do with it?

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Toyota and Tesla may be on a break

Exactly 1 week ago, Toyota and Tesla (electric car maker) announced that they were joining forces.  But today, they say that nothing formal has been decided.

Why would either company make such an exciting announcement, let it marinate for an entire week, then retract the statement?  It doesn’t really make so much sense…

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Apple understands customer service, Facebook is learning

The customer is always right…right?

Anyone who has ever visited an Apple store knows that there are no cash registers, everything is electronic.  So when Diane Campbell, who saved up her money to buy an iPad, tried to buy one in cash, she was turned away.  Not letting her case go, she blabs to the media, who blow up this story way out of proportion.

But, because of Ms. Campbell, Jobs reverses Apple’s policy (within days).  Now everyone can buy an iPad with cash.  Problem solved.

While Facebook’s Zuckerberg attended an Ivy, he’s been a little slow on the uptake. He didn’t completely understand the importance of catering to his customers when they complained about privacy settings (for weeks now). Because after all, without Facebook’s members, the site has no use.  It’s safe to assume that Zuckerberg finally ‘gets it’.

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To the Wienermobile!

The marketing people at Oscar Mayer/Kraft Foods are genius.

They are auctioning off their giant hot dog mobile for a day.  Time is a-tickin’. You have until June 4th to place your bid.

Just go to Ebay and type: Ride Shotbun in the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, for your chance to win! As of this moment, the highest bid stands at $1,111.11.  Not only does the winning bidder get to drive around in a giant hot dog for a day, but s/he also gets a catered cookout for 50 AND a year’s supply of hot dogs!

Right, I’m sorry…Oscar Mayer sells hot dogs, not sure if you got that?

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Deleting cookies are as useful as eating them

Turns out that deleting your browser cookies from your computer, doesn’t actually do anything at all. So, if your intention is to delete your virtual footprint, SURPRISE! your virtual footprint is still there.

Without further adieu, I would like to formally introduce you to flash cookies and supercookies.  Both of  these cookies are stored outside of the browser’s control, so you can’t find them to delete them, and so they remain on your computer

Do not fear, do you really think I’d end the post like this?

Click on the link below to find ways to go around flash & supercookies, and protect your info.

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No press is bad…even for BP

On May 19th, an anonymous person decided to create a mock-BP twitter account, calling it @BPGlobalPR.  As of a moment ago, (yes, I just looked), this twitter handle has accumulated  33,756 followers….wait, it actually just increased to 33, 850 (Insane!?)

Basically it’s become a message board for people who want to vent about the current oil spill, in 140 characters or less.   BP doesn’t mind its existence.  The masses are loving it.  And yes, someone other than BP is profiting off of this, supposedly all the money is going to a non-profit.

In any case, you too can own a t-shirt, to mark this random occasion is social media history.

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Only in NY…

It’s almost normal to see people dress up their dogs in booties and designer outfits, push them in strollers, and take them to doggie spas…but this, takes the definition of a dog-lover to whole  new level.

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