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You won’t be able to skip these commercials…

…not because I’m promising that they’ll be awesome, but because literally, you won’t be able to.

This summer, if you happen to be shopping at one of nine Bloom grocery stores in Maryland and/or Virgina, don’t be surprised it you see a small tv screen on the shelf by the ketchup bottles.   Yes, my friends, you can view a commercial AS YOU SHOP.

In California, there’s talk about selling ad space ON license plates.  That’s really quite brilliant, if you ask me.

When the vehicle is moving the license plate would look like the ones we’re used to now, but when the vehicle stops for more than four seconds a digital ad or other message would flash. The license plate number would always be visible.

I recommend we all save clippings of our favorite print ads (emphasis on print/paper)…I’m thinking they’ll be considered “antique” before we know it.  🙂


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Scratch & sniff billboards..?

Marketers at Bloom, a division of Food Lion, are taking their advertising gimmick to a whole new level.

Imagine driving down Highway 150 in Mooresville, NC (it’s north of Charlotte, yes, I just looked), and thinking you’re smelling steak?  Well, fortunately, it wouldn’t just be your imagination.

Apparently the scent was being emitted by a fan blowing air over cartridges filled with a BBQ fragrance oil, at the bottom of a huge billboard advertising Bloom’s steaks.

I’d be interested to know if  Bloom (the grocery store) was actually selling more steak because of this…

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