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To the Wienermobile!

The marketing people at Oscar Mayer/Kraft Foods are genius.

They are auctioning off their giant hot dog mobile for a day.  Time is a-tickin’. You have until June 4th to place your bid.

Just go to Ebay and type: Ride Shotbun in the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, for your chance to win! As of this moment, the highest bid stands at $1,111.11.  Not only does the winning bidder get to drive around in a giant hot dog for a day, but s/he also gets a catered cookout for 50 AND a year’s supply of hot dogs!

Right, I’m sorry…Oscar Mayer sells hot dogs, not sure if you got that?


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The Jetsons have arrived!

Remember watching the Jetsons, and thinking, ‘I wish I had a robot that could do my work!’ Well, that time has nearly arrived.

Soon we won’t be blaming the economy for the lack of jobs, but rather these awesome robots.

From yard-work…

…to (get this!) copy-writing!!??

Technology is…great….

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