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Like the human version of the carrot and the donkey

This is going to be the best invention ever!  It’s like the human version of the carrot and the donkey.

The idea of the gym is not exciting on its own (completely personal opinion), and without an accompaniment of  my own personal soundtrack of choice, preferably one with hip-hop beats, it’s nearly impossible to step foot into one.

Hopefully Georgia Tech and Piezodyne get a move on with this invention…because I’d like to pre-order mine.


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Google street view…more than meets the eye

I have definitely seen one of those Google street view finder cars before.  I always wondered, are they really only getting images of the street…and even more so..has anyone ever asked ME if I wanted a picture of my house available online?  Talk about violation of privacy…!  Well, turns out that the nice citizens of Germany, decided to inquire further…

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