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What’s your burger’s carbon FOODprint?

A popular food chain in Sweden – Max Burgers, which is second-largest to McDonald’s in its area, is taking food labeling to that next level.

Richard Bergfors, CEO of Max Burgers says

adding the carbon footprint to the chain’s menuboard was a way for the company to be honest about its affect on the environment.

According to an article in Scientific American Magazine, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) report found that with regards to beef production,

…current production levels of meat contribute between 14 and 22 percent of the 36 billion tons of “CO2-equivalent” greenhouse gases the world produces every year.

In layman’s terms:

…producing half a pound of hamburger for someone’s lunch a patty of meat the size of two decks of cards releases as much greenhouse gas into the atmosphere as driving a 3,000-pound car nearly 10 miles.

[A Jeep Cherokee weighs nearly 3,000 lbs… just for visual reference.]

Trying to show its customers that there are yummy alternatives to beef burgers

Max Burgers has rolled out several alternative, climate-friendly burger options, including vegetarian, falafel, and salmon burgers. Since putting carbon dioxide emission counts on the menuboard—an act that made it the first restaurant chain in the world to do so—sales of these types of menu items have gone up 20 percent.

In addition, Max Burger offsets its carbon emissions by planting trees in Africa, uses recycled packaging, and gets its electricity from wind and solar power.

Like it or not, climate change is definitely a big issue that needs to be dealt with.  I’m hoping that other countries follow Sweden’s lead.

Bra jobbat Sverige! (Good job Sweden! …thank you Google Translate).


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I now pronounce you husband and wife. Would you like fries with that?

And I thought that drive-thru weddings in Las Vegas were out-of-the ordinary… but apparently in Hong Kong, you can now get married at McDonald’s.

You may be thinking this is just some marketing gimmick, but actually it’s what the people want.

People said they’d dated here, or met here, and wanted to get married here…

Sadly, due to the awesome economy, we are all now living in –

“The social mobility and incomes of young Hongkongers have fallen,” said poverty researcher Chua Hoi-wai of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service. “They have saved money for years and can’t buy flats when they get married.”

So what better way to celebrate your wedding?

It’s cost-effective – only $400 for the ceremony & reception for 100 guests, and it’s symbolic (you met there).

The only downside, the celebration is alcohol-free (it is, after all, a child-friendly establishment),  and remains open during the festivities…yeah, you’re not THAT special.  Remember, you’re only paying $400, it’s not enough to shut the place down…

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Next time you’re in a noisy restaurant, wear earplugs…

… that is, if you want to enhance the flavor of the food you’re eating.

According to a recent study in the journal Food Quality and Preference, researchers found that

students [they were the test subjects] listening to blaring static rated the chips as less salty and the cookies as less sweet—even though they were tasting the same foods as the other groups.

Another study found that the students rated crunchy foods crunchier in loud noise.

Here’s a test for ya – grab a bag of pretzels, click play on the video below, close your eyes…and judge the saltiness and crunchiness yourself.

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If the Mandarin sells out nightly, Japan may regain its 2nd place from China

For a paltry sum of $671,800 per night, you could rent out the entire Mandarin Oriental Tokyo.

Under the plan, the entire hotel — 178 guest rooms, all nine restaurants and all spas — would be reserved from 3:00 in the afternoon to noon the next day. It would include a cocktail reception for 500 people.

The hotel plans to apply for recognition from Guinness World Records, as soon as they receive a reservation.

I think you should call the hotel and do your part to help them receive their prize from Guinness.  It’s a win-win, really.  The Mandarin gets to be a World Record holder, and YOU get the entire hotel to yourself (and 499 of your closest friends).

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Brazilians choose to send in the clown(s)

This past weekend, Brazil held their elections.

Tiririca, a 45-year-old television humorist whose real name is Francisco Oliveira, scooped up 1.3 million votes in Sunday’s polls to represent Sao Paulo, the highest number of votes for any federal deputy across the country.

His slogans are funny…some pearls include:

“It couldn’t [can’t] get any worse. Vote for me.”


“What does a federal deputy do? I have no idea — but vote for me and I’ll let you know”

Not surprisingly, other politicians tried to block him from running –

His detractors tried to have him barred from taking up his seat by lodging a lawsuit alleging he was illiterate — an automatic disqualification for a federal deputy. But a judge threw out the case.

I’d like to introduce you to Tiririca.

All I can say is, Brazil…I hope you know what you’re doing.

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A camel, a peacock and a goat walk into a church…

Totally sounds like a start of a good joke, huh?  But apparently yesterday was the annual Blessing of the Animals.  I had no idea there was such a day…

All the celebrity animals were at Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in NYC…

Azzuri, a camel better known for her work in the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall, was at the front of the group of 15 animal stars as they strolled toward the altar during the Feast of St. Francis celebration.

I’m all about the visuals.  To be honest, you get the gist after the first 30 seconds…

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