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Plastic Island, an interesting solution to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

First, a little background.

Did you know that the North Pacific Gyre (gyre = a large system of rotating ocean currents), located in the northern Pacific Ocean, is amassing so much debris, that it’s called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?  Due to the rotating currents, the debris will never reach land.

Scientists believe that the amount of garbage spanning the area of this gyre equals anywhere from the size of Texas to the size of all 50 States.  In numbers, some estimate the area to hold 225 million pounds of plastic waste.

Right, so where am I going with this?

(Cue music)

Recycled Island.  The idea (from The Netherlands), is to recycle all of the existing debris, and construct a sustainable habitat/island.

It’s really a cool idea.  I hope it’s feasible.

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Empire State Building going green

In an effort to green itself, the tallest building in NYC is replacing each of its 6,514 double-hung, dual-pane windows…aka 26,056 panes of glass!

The cost of this project is a mere $13 million, and by ways of energy, is said to cut use by 38% and about $4.4 million per year (that’s impressive).

The building has earned a score of 90 (out of 100) from the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Energy Star” program. That means a building constructed at a size (102 stories), a time (1930) and a pace (about 14 months) not known for energy efficiency now ranks in the top 10th of commercial office buildings.

While this project is currently underway…most NYC residents (and even employees with offices in the Empire State Building) are probably unaware it’s even happening, since the windows are being removed and installed after office hours.

If you’re reading this AND you live in NYC…then you can consider yourself in the know.

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