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This would be genius…if it really worked

The CEO of LifeLock,  an identity protection company, decided that he’d prove to the public-at-large, just how on-the-ball his company is at protecting individuals from identity theft (since that’s what they do).  How did he do it?  By allowing LifeLock to use his personal social security number in their advertising campaign.  Now that’s the definition of trust.

The advertising campaign began in 2007, guess how many times Todd Davis, the CEO, had his identity stolen?

If your answer is “zero”, well, you’re a tad off…(and then there would be no story here…).


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4 Responses

  1. Houston Ima says:

    I’ve seen the commercial before and I’ve ALWAYS wanted to know if the company actually worked!! Guess not…I wonder if his wife is pissed??

  2. Talia says:

    Totally tweeting this. Too funny!

  3. Gadget Newz says:

    […] This would be genius…if it really worked […]

  4. […] This would be genius…if it really worked May 2010 3 comments […]

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