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If passed, this law could change the online ad industry…

Consumer privacy shmivacy…

Similar to the Do Not Call Registry, the FTC is considering to implement a do not track list (as related to online advertising).

The idea of a universal opt-out is nothing new, and the industry has its own version in place through a trade group the Network Advertising Initiative, and companies such as Yahoo, Microsoft, Google and data exchange Blue Kai all allow consumers to opt-out of ad targeting.

But the idea of a federally-mandated system is reviving a long-held concern.

This may come as a surprise to some of you, but every single click you make, while surfing the Internet, is tracked by someone.  AND there are many companies out there, who are buying that information (your information).

Personally, I don’t think the government needs to regulate the Internet.

Further, it is my opinion that people need to become better educated about the ins/outs of the Internet.  For whatever reason, it seems like people feel ‘safe’ online, when, in fact they need to realize that while the Internet is a virtual world, it isn’t all that different from the real world…

I recently came across this website – – and recommend you check it out.


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