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No more Happy Meal toys for you (children in San Fran)

San Francisco has officially become the first major US city to ban restaurants from giving free toys with meals that contain high levels of calories, sugar and fat.

According to the WHO (World Health Organization)

Childhood obesity is already epidemic in some areas and on the rise in others. An estimated 22 million children under five are estimated to be overweight worldwide. According to the US Surgeon General, in the USA the number of overweight children has doubled and the number of overweight adolescents has trebled since 1980.

The estimated number of overweight children under the age of 5 (worldwide) is equivalent, in size, to the entire population of Australia.

Mind boggling.

While the move by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors is definitely a step in the right direction, I find it sort of ironic that on a list of the America’s fattest US cities, San Francisco comes in last.  With San Francisco holding ground as the fittest city in the US, I’m not sure how much of an influence their new ban will have on the rest of the US.


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