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Good thing I haven’t purchased an online WSJ subscription yet..

Not sure why this mass web attack hasn’t hit the airwaves yet…but apparently it’s BIG.  Between 7,000 to 114,000 (right, that’s a huge range..) websites have been compromised, among them – the Jerusalem Post and WSJ.   Andre DeMino, a co-founder of the Shadowserver malware-tracking group believes that “this incident appears to be the worst since a large number of WordPress-based sites were hacked in April”.

Security researchers are still trying to figure out how hackers posted malicious HTML code on the web sites, that then redirects victims to a malicious web server which tries to install software on the victims’ computer.  If this virus is successful, it allows the criminals a way to remotely control their PCs.  Awesome.

Yet another reason why we shouldn’t completely do away with printed materials.  If I were reading a paper copy of the WSJ,  the only way the paper would be compromised…is if it got wet, which wouldn’t compromise my personal information, just the page itself by smearing the ink, and making it unreadable.


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