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World Cup Fever? Eat a lion burger.

Right, you heard me.  A lion (king of the jungle) burger.

A restaurant near Phoenix is selling them at $21 a pop.  The owner of the restaurant said:

“In Africa they do eat lions, so I assume if it’s OK for Africans to eat lions then it should be OK for us.” Mr Selogie added: “We thought that since the World Cup was in Africa that the lion burger might be interesting for some of our more adventurous customers.”

Makes sense to me.

Apparently the meat is from a free range farm, regulated by the USDA,  in Illinois.  The owner goes further, and mentions that lions aren’t on the endangered species list.

You know what..if this helps with sales, I say, why not?!  This economy is pretty sucky…so you have to get creative.

Would I try it?  Maybe.  I bet it tastes like chicken.


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