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Join the friendly skies with your own flying car

The flying car is here folks.  THAT day has arrived.  The Terrafugia is reminiscent of the Jetsons.

The makers of this aircraft want their product to be classified as a “Light Sport Aircraft” so that people would only need 20 hours of flying time, to operate it.

According to its maker, the Terrafugia can transform from a roadable vehicle that can hit a highway speed of 65 mph to a winged aircraft in 30 seconds.

The plane version can cruise at about 115 mph (185 kph) and cover about 400 miles (644 kilometers) worth of turf before needing a refill of regular unleaded gas.

Oh right, and the price tag… a mere $200K.  In this day and age, when $1M, isn’t that big a deal..what’s $200K?


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