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NYC Restaurant Week…did they make the grade?

I’m sure you’ve already heard the news

The NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has recently debuted their new cleanliness rating system.  Each of the 24,000 restaurants in NYC and surrounding boroughs have been inspected and given a grade – either an A, B, or C.  It’s not like the grade is staying a secret between the restaurant and the Department of Health, no…we are ALL going to know the score.

As we speak, placards are being printed at the department’s print shop, and it is the restaurant’s responsibility to display their rating card prominently…otherwise they will be fined $1K (and additional penalties – I guess because it’s a new thing, they are trying to think of good ways to punish them).

The blue A card will correspond to 0 to 13 points under the old system, which imposed numerical penalties for each violation. A green B will designate a less sanitary 13 to 27 points, and an orange C will represent 28 points or more. A black-and-white “grade pending” sign will be posted in restaurants that are appealing their scores.

Coincidentally, NYC Restaurant Week which was supposed to last July 12-25, has been extended thru Labor Day. Yay!

So I decided to do a little test.  This is, by no means a reflection of all of the restaurants participating in NYC Restaurant Week.  Consider this a random (small) sample.

I filtered the list of steak restaurants participating in restaurant week.  Of the 18 steak restaurants:

9 restaurants are not listed on the NYC Dept of Health site

3 restaurants rated A (one restaurant received ZERO violation points!)

4 restaurants rated a B (between 15-26 violation points)

1 restaurant rated a C (35 violation points!)

But on the bright side,

Nicholas J. Monello, director of printing operations, said he had fulfilled orders for 9,375 A’s — more than the number of B’s and C’s combined.


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2 Responses

  1. Robsfriend says:

    I wonder how New York’s Chinese places fared

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