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If you want to roll like a billionaire, ditch your cell phone

A few months ago, while at a convention for work, my iPhone was stolen.  My immediate reaction was shock and despair.  My phone contained my whole life, it was an extension of me.  Surprisingly though, after I accepted the fact that my phone was gone…I actually felt fine, great even.  Suddenly I was in control…. If I needed to get a hold of someone, it was under my terms.  If someone needed a question answered via text or email, they’d have to wait.

Not having a cell phone is a way of getting the world to run on your time. A lot of powerful people are already on to this. Warren Buffett doesn’t use one. Nor does Mikhail Prokhorov, the 45-year-old Russian billionaire who owns the New Jersey Nets. Tavis Smiley doesn’t own one, either.

While it was an interesting experience, to be without a phone…as soon as I returned home from my trip, I decided to buy another iPhone.

Who was I kidding?


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